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Students Overview

The SRPC Student Committee is comprised of medical students from across Canada collectively committed to supporting student interest in rural and remote medicine

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Student Committee Co-Chairs
Jessica McCann
Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Class of 2018

Brooke Edwards
University of Western Ontario, Class of 2019

Contact us at: chairStudentsatsrpc.ca
Keeping up with the SRPC Student Committee
  • Join the RuralMed Listserv for general SRPC communications, as well as the Rural Med Student Listserv to keep in touch with us via email.
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  • Join your school's Rural Medicine Interest Group for SRPC information specific to your medical school
  • Our Committee

    As a subset of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, we are a committee of medical students from across Canada collectively committed to supporting student interest in rural and remote medicine. Our aim is to increase the visibility of and engagement in student-relevant rural and remote medicine initiatives nation-wide.

    Our committee of about 20 students includes representatives from medical schools across Canada. Committee members contribute to subcommittees working on specific initiatives, as student representatives on SRPC Physician Committees and as liaisons between their medical school communities and the SRPC.

    Our growing committee includes liaisons from the schools listed below. Check below to see which of your classmates represents your school and how to get into touch with them.

    Don't see your school on the list? It is our goal to have representation from each of the 17 schools across the country, but we still need to fill some of those spots! Contact us at chairStudentsatsrpc.ca if you know someone who could fill one of these vacancies

    School Liaisons
  • University of Alberta: Christine Patterson, Class of 2019
  • University of Calgary: Lauren Standerwick, Class of 2018
  • McMaster University: Jay Shanahan, Class of 2017
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine: Jessica McCann, Class of 2018
  • University of Ottawa: Aleks Brezar, Class of 2018
  • Queen's University: Laura MacMillan-Jones, Class of 2018
  • University of Toronto: Jasmine Waslowski, Class of 2020
  • Western University: Brooke Edwards, Class of 2019

  • Sub Committees
  • Communications: Carol Dennison, Alberta
  • Outreach: Jasmine Waslowski, Toronto
  • Residency Catalogue: Christine Patterson, Alberta

  • Our committee doesn't stop there! We have members working on numerous projects. For more information, contact your school liaison above, join the student Listserv and get connected with us via social media
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    Upcoming Events
    Have an event you'd like added to the calendar? Send us an email request at chairStudentsatsrpc.ca.
    Current Initiatives

    We have been expanding our SRPC Student Committee team recently and are working to form connections with all Canadian medical schools. Below are some of the exciting projects that we are currently working on.

    Rural Residency Catalogue No matter what point you are at in medical school, it is never too early to start thinking about residency! With the number of rural options available throughout Canada, it can become overwhelming trying to learn about them all. This catalogue will be a compilation of this information to make it more readily accessible.

    Rural Electives Catalogue Picture this as your one-stop shop for planning rural electives as a medical student. Here you will find information about the various locations across Canada that accept learners, what specialties are available in each location, how to apply to them, and practical details about the areas.

    Rural Mentorship Program Mentors can have an immense impact on your medical training. We are currently rolling out a project that matches medical students with an interest in rural medicine with mentors working in a rural area. Starting at Western University, we are hoping to eventually expand to more areas.

    Rural Medicine Interest Group Toolkit A large number of medical schools across Canada currently have Rural Medicine interest groups. Part of the role of our committee is to facilitate connections between these groups. We are currently developing a toolkit for students to start up or expand a similar group at their school.

    Student-focused events at the Rural & Remote Conference Last year's Rural & Remote Conference in Calgary Alberta featured a student lunch open to all student attendees. We received positive feedback on this and are hoping to include more student-oriented events in future R&R conferences. We hope to see you at this year's Rural & Remote Conference in St. John's - stay tuned for the schedule of student events closer to the date!


    Rural Electives Photo Contest

    What better way to see more of our beautiful country than through rural electives? It's no secret that this is one of the many benefits of travelling to learn in Canada's rural and remote areas, so we want to hear about it! Share a cool picture you took during a rural elective this semester for your chance to win a $25 gift card of your choice! The photo could be of the hospital or clinic that you worked at, some scenery you saw, an activity you participated in during your spare time there, or anything you can think of! Just remember to always maintain patient confidentiality and receive consent from anyone featured in your photographs.

    Submit photos via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Posts will be featured for all our submissions and winners are announced three times a year. We look forward to seeing your submission soon!

    Medical Student Essay Contest

    Each year, the SRPC Nomination and Awards Committee hosts a rural essay contest for medical students. Students are instructed to submit a non-fiction essay with a rural elective theme. The winners' essays will be considered for publication in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine. The winner will win the equivalent of $500 credited towards the cost of attending the annual Rural & Remote Conference. Eligible costs may include registration, travel to and from the conference, as well as accommodations and social events.

    Length: 500 - 1000 words Deadline for submission: Yearly on December 31. Stay tuned for the contest open date each year. Submit your essay to: submissionsatsrpc.ca

    Entrant must be a member of the SRPC. Not yet a member? Join now - it's free for students!

    Find more information on this contest contest here.

    Rural Research Poster Presentation

    Each year, a rural research poster session is hosted at the SRPC's Rural & Remote Conference. Poster proposals must include a clear research purpose, objectives, methodology, summary of the research results, and conclusion. Posters will be judged on rural relevance, research methodology, impact, clarity of presentation and ability to answer questions regarding your research. The winner of best student research poster will win the equivalent of $500 credited towards attending the conference.

    Size: Posters are restricted to a width of 4 feet and a height of 3 feet. Deadline for submission: Yearly on January 31. Stay tuned for the contest open date each year. Submit your proposal as a Microsoft Word or PDF document to: submissionsatsrpc.ca

    Entrant must be a member of the SRPC. Not yet a member? Join now - it's free for students!

    Find more information on this contest here.

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