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CJRM Fall 1999 v04n(4)

Fall 1999

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

Stepping stones
Michel Brazeau, MD

Hors des sentiers battus
Michel Brazeau, MD199

Access to rural health care services "at home"
Peter Newbery, MDiv, MD

Accès aux services de soins de santé ruraux «à domicile»
Peter Newbery, MDiv, MD

President's message: pulling together for rural health
Patricia Vann, MD

Message de la présidente : conjuguer nos efforts pour la santé rurale
Patricia Vann, MD

Original articles * Articles originaux

Joint position paper on training for rural family practitioners in advanced maternity skills and cesarean section
Stuart Iglesias, MD; Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD

Déclaration de principe conjointe sur la formation des omnipraticiens ruraux pour les soins maternels et les césariennes
Stuart Iglesias, MD; Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD

Advanced skills by Canada's rural physicians
Stuart Iglesias, MD; Jill Strachan, BA, BSc; Gary Ko, BSc; Linda C. Jones, CCHRA(C)

The practitioner * Le praticien

The occasional Bier block (intravenous regional anesthesia)
C.S. "Chuck" Strytveen, MD

Country cardiograms case 14
Hugh Hindle, MB BS

Rural CME * ÉMC rurale

Hal Irvine, MD

Off call * Détente

Answers to cryptic crossword
Lee Teperman

Cryptic crossword
Lee Teperman

Departments * Chroniques

Letters · Correspondance

Literature · Littérature scientifique

Out behind the barn · Dans le feu de l'actionBarrie McCombs, MD


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