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The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada

Elevating rural healthcare.


Connect. Elevate. Advocate.

While access to resources and services might be limited in rural settings, the ability to deliver high quality care should not be.

SRPC is committed to advocating to support your ability to delivery high quality, comprehensive care in your communities.


Rural physicians revitalize our communities.

You ensure the health of your communities through patient care and advocacy.

The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada offers rural healthcare providers what they need to best serve their patients, communities, and themselves.



Collaborate with rural physician colleagues to grow and thrive in rural practice.


We are better together as we advocate for our patients, our communities, and our profession.


Connect with peers and mentors and improve your ability to deliver high quality care in your rural context.

Connect with the SRPC and elevate rural health care delivery.

The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) has been serving and advocating on behalf of rural healthcare providers and communities for over 30 years.


Member of the Canadian Medical Forum

30 Years of rural service, advocacy, educational collaboration

Provider of premier CME accredited education

Publisher of the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine (CJRM)

1. Enroll

Become a member of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada.

2. Engage

Engage with our diverse membership of rural physicians, and explore our growing rural clinical resources.

3. Elevate

Connect with the SRPC to be the voice for Rural Physicians to advocate for comprehensive care close to home for all rural Canadians.