Depression: CBT's pathway out

  • 23-Nov-2022
  • Virtual Event

Depression: CBT's pathway out

Date: November 23, 2022

Times: 12:00 PM-3:30 PM Eastern


Speaker: Greg Dubord, MD

Accreditation: 9.0 Mainpro+ Credits

Workshop overview 

Aaron Beck (1921–2021) published his first book on depression in 1967, the year the Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup—and when many of today’s physicians were just hopeful helices of DNA.


Just like you, CBT has evolved immeasurably over the past 55 years. We present “CBT for Depression, Version 2022”, an approach that is very different—and much more effective—than Beck's 1967 package. In the shell of a nut, CBT for MDD has become more behavioral and less cognitive—and the research to support the pendulum swinging is large and incontrovertible.


Topics include reasons for optimism; empathy addiction; goalification, scaling, and I/O charts; behavioral antidepressants; pathogenic belief identification; cognitive illusions; the physics of CBT; therapeutic persuasion; thought records; the CUE question (to harness emotional intelligence); learned helplessness (and its opposite, learned hopefulness); reductionistic stagnation; future-focusing (intertemporal self-state negotiations); and the lay construct of willpower.  


The Depression module provides physicians with a comprehensive kit for more effectively managing one of the most common human afflictions.


See also Dysthymia: Hope for Chronic Depression & Suicidality.

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