The SRPC Student Committee is comprised of medical students from across Canada
collectively committed to supporting students interested in rural and remote medicine. 

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   Indigenous Health Series

SRPC's Indigenous Health Committee is in the process of developing a series of virtual, educational events to bring awareness and provide learning opportunities for all SRPC members about Indigenous health education. 

The presentations, "Jordan, Joyce, and Justice: Decolonizing Healthcare for Indigenous Children and Youth", and "Moving Towards Cultural Safety, Reconciliation, and Anti-racism" can be found at

Stay tuned for future presentations! 

   Accepting Submissions for the SRPC Student Blog!

Do you have an interesting story or reflection about a rural or remote clinical experience? If you would like to share your story, consider submitting it to our blog! 

Click here to send your blog submission.

If you would like to read submissions from other medical students and residents, view our blog at the link below:

Student Committee Co-Chairs

Avery Palmer, BSc
MD Candidate/Candidat MD
Class of 2022/Promotion 2022
University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa

Anchaleena Mandal (She/Her)
MD Candidate/Candidat MD
Class of 2023/Promotion 2023
Queen’s University/Université Queen's

Rural Photo Contest for SRPC Students

Details here
Photo Contest

Avery loves being in nature, cooking and talking to her classmates about how incredible rural communities are! She grew up in Nakusp, BC and has always had a passion for rural medicine. You will commonly find her outdoors running, cycling, camping and hiking!

Anchaleena grew up in the arctic territory of Nunavut as a settler. She is passionate about rural medicine, Indigenous health and mental health. During her pastime, Anchaleena loves to play musical instruments, volunteer in the community, learn new languages and explore different cuisines!

Keeping up with the SRPC Student Committee

  • Members can request to join the RuralMed Listserv for general SRPC communications, and or the Rural Med Student Listserv to keep in touch with us via email. 
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for quick updates, contests, and more!
  • Join your school's Rural Medicine Interest Group for SRPC information specific to your medical school


SRPC Mentorship Program


If you are looking for a Rural Mentor. Please ensure your SRPC membership is up to date. Send your email request to Louise for a list of mentors and instructions. (

Mentees Must be SRPC members to participate in this program. (Join here)

Our Committee

As a subset of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, we are a committee of medical students from across Canada collectively committed to supporting student interest in rural and remote medicine.  Our aim is to increase the visibility of and engagement in student-relevant rural and remote medicine initiatives nation-wide.

Our committee includes student representatives from medical schools across Canada. Committee members contribute to subcommittees working on specific initiatives, as student representatives on SRPC Physician Committees and as liaisons between their medical school communities and the SRPC.

Our growing committee includes liaisons from the schools listed below.

Check below to see which of your classmates represents your school.

Don’t see your school on the list? It is our goal to have representation from each of the 17 schools across the country, but we still need to fill some of those spots!  Contact us at if you know someone who could fill one of these vacancies.


School Liaisons

  • Alberta: Catherine Palme (2022)

  • UBC (South): Emily Wiesenthal (2023)

  • UBC (North): Caitlin Blewett (2022)

  • Calgary: Jezuina McDonald (2023)

  • Dalhousie: Sina Sedighi (2023)
  • Manitoba: Corli Barnes (2022)
  • McMaster: Elisabeth Fortier (2022)
  • McGill: Ann-Rebecca Drolet (2024)
  • Montréal: Magalie Dubois (2023)
  • MUN: Rebecca Tizzard (2025)
  • NOSM: Erika Lau (2022)
  • Ottawa: Emma Hennessey (2024)
  • Queens: Jehan Irfan (2024)
  • Saskatchewan: Lauren Klammer (2023)
  • Toronto: Adrian Witol (2022)
  • Western: Kamel Omer (2023)

Our committee doesn’t stop there!  We have members working on numerous projects.  For more information, contact your school liaison above, join the student Listserv and get connected with us via social media!

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Upcoming Events



Have an event you’d like added to the calendar?  Send us an email request


 Current Initiatives

We have been expanding our SRPC Student Committee team recently and are working to form connections with all Canadian medical schools. Below are some of the exciting projects that we are currently working on! 

Rural Outreach & Mentorship Initiative (ROMI)

The Rural Outreach & Mentorship Initiative (ROMI) offers free one-on-one mentorship for high school students from rural communities interested in exploring a career in medicine. 

ROMI is recruiting high school students to join our 2020-2021 program! We are looking for grade 9-12 students from rural or remote areas that are interested in being partnered 1-on-1 with a medical student mentor with the option of participating in our monthly virtual panel discussions. Interested? Please complete this Google Form. 

Rural & Isolated Support Endeavor (RISE)

The Rural & Isolated Support Endeavor (RISE) was created by a working group of the SRPC Student Committee with the goal to emotionally support clients who live in rural areas across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our initiative partners medical students with clients in rural communities across Canada to provide weekly check-ins via phone and social connection.

We are looking for RISE program volunteers! For more information about RISE and to volunteer, please check out the recruitment form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the RISE team at

Rural Residency Catalogue

No matter what point you are at in medical school, it is never too early to start thinking about residency! With the number of rural options available throughout Canada, it can become overwhelming trying to learn about them all.

The Student Rural Residency Catalogue sub-committee has released its third version of the Canadian Rural Residency Catalogue for the 2021 CaRMs cycle. The catalogue includes some quick points about each program and demographic information for each city/town that hosts a rural residency program. This year we have included resident testimonials. Please see the survey listed below if you have a testimonial you would like to share, otherwise we will be reaching out again in the summer/fall!

Our student members have worked hard to keep this document as up to date as possible by contacting CaRMs and every program coordinator, but can sometimes miss new sites as they are created. A survey is linked on page 2 for any feedback you may have! 

While this has been developed with input from the residency programs, it is not designed in any way to replace the information that is available via CaRMS. If there is a contradiction between information presented in the catalogue and that presented elsewhere, then the information from CaRMS or directly from the school should be taken as correct.

Students of Rural Medicine Blog

This blog is designed for Canadian medical learners to reflect on their rural and remote experiences, share stories with others, and learn about the ways that the our national network of peers are engaging with rural medical practice and community. Click the link below to view the blog!

Have a story to share? Send in your submission here.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at

Rural Electives Catalogue **ON HOLD due to lack of visiting electives**

This is in the works. Picture this as your one-stop shop for planning rural electives as a medical student. This is meant to complement the AFMC student portal, focusing on rural and remote elective opportunities that may not be associated with a school.  Here you will find information about the various locations across Canada that accept learners, what specialties are available in each location, how to apply to them, and practical details about the areas. 

Additionally - a rural filter for the AFMC portal is coming! (Once visiting electives are opened again). In lieu of visiting electives, check out the National Events Calendar to learn about residency programs by joining virtual info sessions, resident academic days and meetings with the Program Directors.

Annual Rural & Remote Conference

Each year, the Rural and Remote course, organized by SRPC, offers a wonderful opportunity for medical students to learn about rural medicine. Unfortunately, this year's Rural and Remote course was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 29th Annual Rural and Remote medicine course will take place April 22-24th, 2021.

Since we were not able to see you at Rural & Remote 2020, we put together some slideshows for the presentations we planned on delivering! We know things will be pretty different for folks applying for electives and CaRMS this year, but we hope these slideshows can inspire some students about the future and motivate others to brainstorm while they have time. These are not meant to stress you out, just mix things up during a tumultuous time. Enjoy, and please let us know if you have questions or feedback. 

CaRMS Primer:  Tips for preparing for CaRMS as a rural applicant

Rural Elective Across Canada:  A sampling of electives, including one from each province!

Social Isolation handout, designed for the general public


Click on Image to print the PDF

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Rural Electives Photo Contest

It's no secret that one of the many benefits of rural medicine is the ability to experience the beautiful rural and remote parts of Canada. Share a cool picture of rural Canada for a chance to win a $25 gift card of your choice! The photo could be of the hospital or clinic that you worked at, some scenery you saw, an activity you participated in during your spare time there, or anything else you can think of! Please remember to always maintain patient confidentiality and receive consent from anyone featured in your photograph. 

Submit photos via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We look forward to seeing your submission soon!

Submission deadline: January 31st, 2021

Photo Contest



Rural Residency Catalogue Cover Challenge 2022

Do you have a piece of photography or artwork that you would like to submit for the R&E Cover Competition? We would love to see it! 


  1. Photograph taken on one of your rural electives or in rural Canada, please include location!

a. If your photograph has already been submitted to the SRPC rural photography contest, that is OK! We are happy for you to resubmit.


    2. Personal Artwork / piece that is really inspired (please include a title!)

    3. Please send all work in PDF or JPEG format to us with the title: [RRC_Lastname_Firstname_Prounouns_Photo location/Title of Artwork] 

    Eg. RRC_Smith_Andrew_they/them_Iqualuit, Nunavut]

    Send pieces to us via:

    Deadline - December 18th, 2021

    Rural Student Leadership Award

    The Rural Student Leadership Awards are presented to students and residents in good academic standing who have demonstrated a sustained interest in rural medicine. Find more information about application/nomination requirements here. Cash prizes of $250 will be awarded to the two student winners each year. 

    Submit your application/nomination to  

    Deadline for submission: January 31st each year. 

    Entrant must be a member of the SRPC

    Find all the details on the SRPC Award Page.

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    Rural Research Poster Presentation

    Each year, a rural research poster session is hosted at the SRPC's Rural & Remote Conference. Poster proposals must include a clear research purpose, objective, methodology, summary of the research results and conclusion. We will judge the posters on rural relevance, research methodology, impact, clarity of presentation and your ability to answer questions regarding your research. Posters are restricted to a width of 4 feet and a height of 3 feet.

    SRPC Students will have the opportunity of being awarded the best student research poster. The winner of best research poster will win the equivalent of $500 credited towards attending the conference.


    • The entrant must be a member of the SRPC
    • The deadline for submission is December 31st, 2021
    • Format: Microsoft Word
    • Please submit your proposal to

    Print the Research Poster flyer

    Medical Student Essay Contest

    Each year, the SRPC Nomination and Awards Committee hosts a rural essay contest for medical residents. Students are asked to submit a self-reflection from their elective in rural medicine. 

    The winners will win the equivalent of $500 (students) credited towards the cost of attending the SRPC's Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course, and the essays will be considered for publication in the (CJRM) Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine.

      • The entrant must be a member of the SRPC.  
      • Length: 500 - 1000 words
      • Deadline for submission: December 31st each year.
      • The contest opens on September 1st each year.
      • Submit your essay to:

    Print the Essay Contest Flyer

    REAP Sponsorship Opportunities for Rural Focused Medical  Conferences

    The Rural Education Action Plan (REAP) provides sponsorship to UBC medical students and family medicine, specialty and subspecialty residents to attend provincial and national rurally-focused medical conferences each year.  Students and residents who have an interest in exploring rural medicine may apply for up to $1,200 for travel and accommodation expenses plus conference registration. 

    SRPC’s Rural & Remote Medicine Conference – April 21-23, 2022 – Ottawa, ON
    RCCbc’s Rural Health Conference – May 13-15, 2022 – Penticton, BC

    In light of physical distancing requirements implemented due to COVID-19, this year’s offerings may have to be adjusted, delayed or cancelled but our hope is to provide access to safe, rurally-relevant content as best as we can under the present climate.  If you are interested in conference sponsorship please apply by completing the survey at  Those selected for sponsorship will be contacted by the REAP office by February 28, 2022. Those not selected for sponsorship will be placed on a waitlist and contacted if a space becomes available.

    To learn more and apply, please visit by January 31, 2022.

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