CASTED: Emergency

  • 02-Apr-2019
  • 03-Apr-2019
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

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CASTED: Emergency

This is a 2 day course Day - April 2-3  Register here

CASTED: Emergency is the ‘hands-on’ ED orthopedics course specifically designed for ED physicians and staff.

 CASTED: Emergency offers numerous clinical pearls on:

  • history, physical, and investigations
  • making more accurate diagnoses
  • recognizing ‘red flag’ patients
  • knowing who needs a reduction
  • reduction and moulding techniques for numerous fractures and dislocations
  • understanding who needs to see ortho and when

Case-based lectures are combined with ‘hands-on’ casting and splinting. The lectures focus on cases that are:

  • common
  • commonly missed, and
  • commonly mismanaged.

The case-based lectures also help you understand ED orthopedic principles. Knowing what questions to ask, what to look for on exam and how to order and interpet x-rays will help you on your next shift. You will develop better management plans for your patients. CASTED: Emergency will give you a more complete handle on ED immobilization options, which injuries are operative, which fractures are low-risk, which need moulding, how quickly ortho needs to see in follow-up, etc.

The ‘hands-on’ components begin with demonstrations of ED ortho reductions and immoblization techniques. Then, as you put on casts and splints, CASTED faculty supervise closely and offer instruction on the proper application and moulding techniques.  The lectures will help you understand when to reduce and why moulding may be needed. The ‘hands-on’ sessions give you the practical side. Knowing ‘how to’ is helpful; but the supervised practice ensures you have the confidence you are doing it right! 

By the end of the course, we want you to better understand ED ortho, not just memorize what to do. You are promised a course full of humour and numerous clinical pearls you will use on your next shift!

CASTED: Emergency 2-days (16 hours). The time alotted for lectures/hands-on components are ~50:50 for each. The goals and principles of the courses are similar – including the same course manual. The 2-day course will, as expected, have more cases and more time for ‘hands-on’ practice and demonstration. Click for a typical course outline of our  2-day Emergency course.


This program meet the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been accredited for up to 48 Mainpro+ credits. (27; 2-day course = 48)

This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1 – up to 16 hours) as defined by the Maintenance of the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.

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