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Rural Physician Partners of Canada

Building community, because Rural Physicians have families, too!

We are a vibrant and diverse group of people living in rural Canada, who happen to be partnered with a rural physician. We come together to build community with each other and to share in our friendships and strengths. Our most valued assets are our experiences.

Explore our map to see our wide-reaching connections—we're thrilled to welcome new rural physician partners into our dynamic group!

We host monthly zoom calls for rural physician partners, on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm ET. All are welcome! 

We have had a lot of great conversations at our annual Rural and Remote Medicine Conference about life with a partner who practices medicine in rural Canada and all that comes with that. We want to create more opportunities to connect throughout the year, and keep the conversation going!

Join Zoom Meeting

Dial: 855-703-8985

Meeting ID: 861 3771 0640

Passcode: 489409

Why Become an SRPC Family/Non-Medical Partner for $20/year?

Joining SRPC as a Family/Non-Medical Partner at $20/year opens the door to a vibrant and diverse community of individuals living in rural Canada, each connected by their partnership with a rural physician. Here, we come together to foster a sense of belonging, share experiences, and celebrate the strengths that make our community unique.

Key Benefits:

1.      Community Connection:

Immerse yourself in a community that understands the nuances of life alongside a rural physician. Connect with like-minded individuals who share similar experiences. 

2.      Friendship and Support:

Build meaningful friendships and provide and receive support within a supportive network. Our community values the strength that comes from shared experiences.

3.      Monthly Zoom Calls:

Engage in our monthly Zoom calls dedicated to rural physician partners. These calls take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm ET. All are welcome to join for fun activities and enriching conversations.

4.      Annual Conference Insights:

Benefit from the wealth of insights shared during our annual Rural and Remote Medicine Conference. We delve into discussions about life with a partner practicing medicine in rural Canada, offering a platform for shared experiences and valuable conversations.

5.      Year-Round Connections:

We are committed to creating more opportunities for connection throughout the year. By joining SRPC as a Family/Non-Medical Partner, you become part of an ongoing conversation that extends beyond conference gatherings.


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