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As an active member of this organization you are helping to support the following initiatives:

  • Advancing Rural Family Medicine Taskforce (Joint process with CCFP) READ MORE
  • Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) program development
  • Development of a national database on Health Human Resources in rural Emergency Departments across Canada
  • Publishing of the Canadian Journal of the Rural Medicine
  • Partnering with organizations such as CFPC, CAGS, RCPSC and SOGC to ensure the voice of the Rural Generalist is heard
  • Excellent rural centric CME such our annual Rural & Remote Conference Rural Critical Care courses provided throughout the country Events List
  • Acting as a key partner in the Cairns Consensus on Rural Generalist Medicine

Added benefits to membership include:

me and Auto Insurance Program - Thanks to the agreement between TD Insurance and Society of Rural Physicians of Canada, you can benefit from special privileges, such as preferred group rates, enhanced coverage and flexible limits.  For more info, click here
Programme d’assurances habitation et auto - Grâce à l'entente entre TD Assurance et Société de la Médecine Rurale du Canada, vous pouvez bénéficier de privilèges particuliers, comme des tarifs de groupe préférentiels, des protections étendues et de la souplesse en matière de plafonds d'assurance.  Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.


Tom Smith-Windsor, MD Prince Albert, Sask.
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Tom Smith-Windsor,

Society of Rural  Physicians of
Canada Société de la médecine rurale du Canada President / Président
Tom SmiTh-WindSor, md Prince Albert, Sask.

President-elect Président désigné Margaret Tromp, md Picton, Ont.

Treasurer / Trésorier
Gabe Woollam, md Happy Valley–Goose Bay, NL

Members-at-large Membres extraordinaires
Stefan Grzybowski, md Vancouver, BC Darlene Kitty, md, CCfp Chisasbi, Que.

Administrative Officer Responsable administratif Jennifer Barr, SRPC Office, Shawville, Que.
SRPC / SMRC Box 893, Shawville QC  J0X 2Y0; 819 647-7054,  877 276-1949; fax 819 647-2485;


President’s message. Worth the price of admission?

The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) celebrates 25 years of existence in 2017. However, our membership is shrinking. We currently have roughly 3000  members on our roster, 2000 of whom are students and residents, and the remainder, practising rural physicians. Only half of the physicians registered as members have paid their fees for 2017.

To continue our work we need to expand our paying membership. Here is where your membership money goes:

    • Administration: We have a skeleton administrative staff of 4, which is augmented as needed (e.g., Rural and Remote [R&R] Medicine course). The staff manage all society communications, organize and run continuing medical education (CME) events, keep track of the finances and support the work of the following programs:
    • CME events: R&R Medicine course, Critical Care courses and mini R&R course, which provide practical, acclaimed CME for rural physicians.
    • Student and Resident Committees: Promote interest in rural medicine at a university level and keep their membership informed about initiatives across the country.
    • Specialist Committee: Works to defend the provision of specialty services in rural Canada. There are about 1000 specialists in rural Canada; our membership is only a fraction of that.
    • ER Committee: Has collected data to defend against those who advocate for all emergency department physicians in Canada to have EM or FRCP certification. This includes the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, who are contemplating implementing “change of scope” regulations that would require all but ”grandfathered” physicians working in Ontario emergency departments to have EM or FRCP designations.
    • International Committee: Projects in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nepal and the Philippines. In the last 2 countries, our efforts have been instrumental in the formation of rural medical schools.
    • Maternity and Newborn Care Committee: Recently rebutted an article in CMAJ that suggested that rural physicians were missing pregnancy­induced hypertension in their populations.1
    • Research Committee: Promotes acquisition of data to dispel myths about maintenance of competency, scope of practice and other threats to the level of care that we can provide our patients.
    • CJRM: If you read it, you will know why.
    • RuralMed ListServ: An open internet forum providing mentorship, moral support, advice and practice tips to rural docs who connect from across rural Canada through email.
    • Collaborations: Rural Surgery and Operative Delivery (Enhanced Surgical Skills) initiative; Advancing Rural Family Medicine, Rural Road Map for Action; Postgraduate Medical Education Collaborative Governance Council; Canadian Medical Forum.

These activities all require funding from the SRPC. Our coffers are rapidly running dry. The SRPC plays an important role in defending rural doctors and medical services on regional, provincial and national levels. I ask: Is this worth the price of admission (membership)?

REFERENCE 1. Lespérance S, Miller K, Dworkin R, et al. Maternal morbidity and perinatal outcomes in rural versus urban areas [letter]. CMAJ 2016; 188:1261-2.


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