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  • 10-Jul-2024 10:10 AM | Anonymous

    The SRPC recognizes the importance of rural ESS/OSS physicians in optimizing care for those living in rural and remote areas of Canada and would like to support learning opportunities and foster networking. This bursary is named in honour of Dr. Stuart Iglesias, (a retired rural family physician) who was not only an ESS and FPA provider himself but also spent his entire career supporting rural maternity and surgical services through advocacy, research, and education. His tireless contributions led to an important culture-shift which the SRPC continues to support today.

    The Stuart Iglesias ESS/OSS Bursary Award is presented to one (1) Medical Student, one (1) Medical Resident and one (1) Rural Physician who can demonstrate their interest in, or is actively pursuing Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) and Obstetrical Surgical Skills (OSS) (or otherwise supporting rural surgical and maternity care) as a rural generalist in rural Canada. 

    Application Guidelines:

    All candidates must be SRPC members and in good academic standing and demonstrate their commitment to rural medicine through any of the following:

    • Students – Tell us how you intend to focus your medical journey as an ESS/OSS Rural Generalist.
    • Residents – Are you a current OSS or ESS resident, or a Family Medicine resident serious about applying to those programs (or otherwise supporting rural surgery/maternity care)?
    • Rural Generalist - Are you a practicing rural generalist physician (with or without OSS/ESS) advocating for improved rural surgical and maternity care, locally, regionally, or nationally?

    Nomination Process:

    • Nominees must be SRPC members.
    • Self-nominations must include a letter of support from a preceptor or SRPC physician member detailing how the nominee meets the award criteria.
    • Preceptors or SRPC physician members may also nominate candidates by describing how the nominee meets the criteria.
    • Format: Microsoft Word document (max 250 words) outlining how the nominee meets the criteria.
    • Submission: Send nomination emails to
    • Timeline: The nomination window is from July 1st to August 31st every even year (2024, 2026, 2028). Nomination letters will be reviewed in September, with winners announced in October. (3 months prior to ESS/OSS event)

    This award is open to all SRPC Medical Student/Resident/Physician members across Canada. Please note that individuals may only win this award once.

    Prize: Each recipient will receive $1000 credited towards attending the ESS/OSS event.

    We look forward to receiving your nominations and celebrating the dedication and achievements of our rural medical professionals.

    If you have any questions - please send your email to

  • 11-Jun-2024 1:16 PM | Anonymous

    Trailblazing Women in Rural Medicine aims to highlight and celebrate women's remarkable achievements and unique experiences in rural healthcare. Through a series of enlightening interviews, we're proud to showcase the voices of inspiring women who are making a meaningful impact in rural communities in Canada.

    Dr. Trina Larsen Soles, a rural generalist physician based in Golden, BC, embodies resilience, dedication, and leadership in rural medicine. Dr. Soles generously shared insights from her remarkable career spanning over three decades. Her journey began with a deep passion for medicine, rooted in the values of service from her upbringing. Reflecting on her childhood dreams, she remarked, "I always wanted to be a doctor," starting her transformative path in rural medicine.

    The appeal of rural practice, with its diverse challenges and opportunities, captivated Dr. Soles from the start. "Nowhere else do you get such varied work," she noted, describing the excitement of delivering a baby one moment and tending to an elderly patient with lung disease the next.

    Throughout her career, Dr. Soles has been a strong advocate for rural healthcare, serving in key leadership roles such as President of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) and President of Doctors of BC. Her advocacy extends beyond policy to addressing practical challenges faced by rural communities, such as improving transportation for rural patients.

    Dr. Soles's journey exemplifies the concept of "accidental leadership," as she described. "You see a need in your community, and you realize you're the one to do something about it," she explained.

    Yet, amidst her professional successes, Dr. Soles acknowledges the personal sacrifices required, particularly as a mother balancing her medical career with childcare responsibilities. Her reflections underscore the ongoing need for support systems for women in medicine.

    Dr. Soles's story is a source of inspiration for aspiring physicians, demonstrating that with determination and passion, obstacles can be overcome.

    To watch the full interview with Dr. Trina Larsen Soles, click Youtube link. Join us in celebrating her pioneering contributions to rural medicine and her enduring legacy of leadership and advocacy.

  • 07-May-2024 1:54 PM | Anonymous

    Change is in the air at the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC). At our Annual General Meeting on April 19th, during the Rural and Remote Medicine course in Edmonton, we welcomed Dr. Gavin Parker into the role of President. Before we explore Dr. Parker's vision for the future, let's take a moment to honor the remarkable contributions of Dr. Sarah Lespérance during her tenure.

    Dr. Lespérance brought invaluable expertise and dedication to the SRPC. Under her leadership, our organization flourished, advancing critical initiatives and strengthening our commitment to rural healthcare. From securing funding for rural healthcare training, to advocating against proposed changes to medical education, to hosting a National Summit on Equitable Access to Medical Transport in Rural Canada, Dr. Lespérance's impact on the SRPC was profound.

    As we express our gratitude to Dr. Lesperance for her unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, we acknowledge and value the extensive impact she has had on our organization's growth and success.

    As we transition to new leadership, we are excited to welcome Dr. Gavin Parker as our new President. With his leadership abilities and passion for rural healthcare, we are confident that Dr. Parker will build upon our successes and lead the SRPC to new heights.

    Dr. Gavin Parker is a full-scope rural family physician practicing in Pincher Creek, Alberta. He has chaired numerous national medical educational conferences, has obtained an M.Sc. in medical education, and is the board chair of the Alberta Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP). He serves his community through positions such as medical director for the visitor safety program in Waterton Lakes, the Pincher Creek Health Centre Medical Director, and he and his wife Jennifer run the Barracuda Judo club in town. He is the father of three wonderful children and husband to his even more wonderful wife Jennifer. Join us in extending a heartfelt thank to Dr. Lespérance and a warm welcome to Dr. Parker as we embark on this next chapter. Together, we will continue to advocate for excellent healthcare close to home for all rural Canadians.

    Stay tuned for updates and initiatives as we work towards our shared vision of a healthier, more resilient rural healthcare system.

    Warm regards,

    The SRPC Team

  • 27-Feb-2024 10:16 AM | Anonymous


    Primary care reform in a rural context

    Lespérance, Sarah MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRRMS1

    Calls for reform to primary care are growing, as our health system cannot support the status quo. Here in New Brunswick, many rural communities have lost physicians, and it has been impossible to find a replacement. They leave due to retirement, but also due to heavy administrative and financial burdens, frustration with fracturing of care, and lack of control over system issues. Workloads are unsustainable and there are no locums to provide relief. Like many, I find myself telling several patients a day that my practice is full and that I cannot accept new patients. This is particularly painful to do in a rural area, as access to other options for primary care is so limited. Those who have lost their family physician have, at best, access to episodic care with providers who do not embrace a holistic view of the patient and their problem. As a result, missed diagnoses and late presentations for conditions are a too-common occurrence we see in our work in emergency departments, operating rooms, or labour and birth units. However, we already are doing too much, and cannot take on more. We must do things differently.

    A shift to team-based care is critical, and we need robust systems to support each other. However, a rural ‘team’ may look different from an urban-based one. Perhaps, co-location will not work, and we may need a network type model of care, using technology to enhance communication and collaboration. Ensuring all providers work to the top of their scope of practice, investing in dedicated, funded time for case management, and expanding the types of health providers on teams, may all be considerations. As rural generalists, our role extends beyond the office, and this must be part of workforce planning and remuneration. Finally, we must accept we may not be the most appropriate provider to perform every service.

    Solutions may also include enhancing practice-eligible routes of training and enhanced pathways for internationally educated health professionals to enter the workforce. We must develop the supports needed for individuals to integrate within teams and communities, assuming roles as mentors or supervisors, but perhaps also confronting some uncomfortable realities regarding bias and racism.

    Beyond this, it will be critical that our training programmes continue to prepare graduates to have the specific, unique skills required to practice in rural and remote regions of this country. And finally, we must continue our advocacy work, particularly with respect to reducing administrative burdens and *national licensure (*see page 13). With this, we can develop the teams needed to continue to provide high quality care close to home, in all parts of this country.

    Lespérance, Sarah MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRRMS1. Primary care reform in a rural context. Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine 29(1):p 5, Jan–Mar 2024. | DOI: 10.4103/cjrm.cjrm_54_23

  • 27-Feb-2024 10:11 AM | Anonymous

    The official journal of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada 

    Volume 29, no. 1, Winter 2024

    In this Issue 
      • Pan-Canadian licensure: potential impact on rural physicians
      • Assessing new-patient attachment to an integrated, virtual care programme 
      • Informal peer support for rural doctors
      • The Occasional frostbite
      Read it Now

    • 19-Feb-2024 12:10 PM | Anonymous

      The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) is currently seeking applications for two Executive Committee member-at-large positions, and we invite you to consider applying for these roles. Alternatively, if you know of a fellow SRPC Physician member who would be an excellent fit, we encourage you to nominate them.

      This is an excellent opportunity to make a significant impact on rural healthcare in Canada. By joining the SRPC Executive Committee, you can contribute to our mission of improving healthcare access and outcomes for rural communities.

      The Executive Committee provides strategic direction and leadership to the organization, ensuring alignment with the SRPC's strategic plan.

      Expectations - Time Commitment:

      • Bi-monthly Zoom meetings
      • Attendance at Spring (in-person) and Fall (virtual) Council meetings
      • Collaborating with the SRPC Executive to identify and prioritize issues

      Term Details: The Executive positions are for a 2-year term, eligible for renewal once.

      How to Apply: To apply, please submit the following to by Monday, Feb 26th:

      1. Expression of Interest (EOI) in Microsoft Word or by email (max 250 words), endorsed by one SRPC member in good standing. 
      2. Curriculum Vitae.
      3. Applicants must be active physician members of the SRPC.

      For further information or inquiries, please contact Jenna Keindel at

      Important Dates: Nomination letters and EOIs must be received by Monday, Feb 26th.

      The Nominations & Awards Committee will carefully review all submissions and select the most suitable candidates.

      Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to the future of rural healthcare. Together, we can make a difference!

    • 06-Feb-2024 3:48 PM | Anonymous

      We hosted "Indigenous Experiences in the Colonial Medical System" on January 30th, 2024 with guest speaker Sandra Bender. The recording and slides have been added to our Indigenous Health page.

      Please visit the SRPC's Indigenous Health page to watch any of our previous sessions.

      • Indigenous Approach to Trauma Informed Care – ACEs the Engine Behind Intergenerational Trauma

      • Moving Towards Cultural Safety, Reconciliation, and Anti-racism.

      • Indigenous Approach to Trauma Informed Care – ACEs the Engine Behind Intergenerational Trauma

      • Determinants of Illness for Indigenous Women

      • The Legacy of the Residential School System & Impacts on Health

      • Understanding the Context of Healthcare for Indigenous Peoples in Canada

      • Jordan, Joyce, and Justice: Decolonizing Healthcare for Indigenous Children and Youth

      Additional recourse:

      Recommended books on traditional Indigenous health practices.

      • Decolonizing Wellness by Dalia Kinsey
      • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer
      • You are the Medicine by Asha Frost
      • Held by the Land: A Guide to Indigenous Plants for Wellness by Leigh Joseph
      • Medicines to Help Us: Traditional Metis Plant Use by Christi Belcourt
      • It's All About the Land by Taiaiake Alfred
      • The Science of the Sacred: Bridging Global Indigenous Medicine Systems and Modern Scientific Principles by Nicole Redvers
      • Decolonizing Therapy by Jennifer Mullan
      • Medicine Unbundled by Gary Geddes
      • Sacred Medicine: A Doctor's Quest to Unravel the Mysteries of Healing by Lissa Rankin
      • Mother Earth: Plants for Health and Beauty by Carrie Armstrong


    • 12-Dec-2023 2:10 PM | Anonymous

      Find everything you need to know about the 31st Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Conference

      April 18 - 20, 2024 - Edmonton, Alberta | Edmonton Convention Centre
      Visit the rural and remote conference web site


      Peer-to-peer Education on essential topics like emergency care, obstetrics, pediatrics, Indigenous health, palliative care and rural research.

      Primary Focus: Rural Practice
      at the heart of this conference lies a dedicated focus on rural practice, where we explore solutions and strategies for a sustainable and thriving healthcare landscape in remote areas.

      With Workshops and Speakers from Across Canada you’ll leave with increased confidence in various aspects of rural practice, from managing ADHD to mastering procedures like chest tube insertion, providing compassionate palliative care, and teaching medical students and residents.



      Early Rates – October 1st to November 30th, 2023
      Regular Rates – December 1st 2023 to February 29th, 2024
      Late Registration Rates – March 1st to April 20th, 2024

      ACCOMMODATIONS - Hotel & Travel

      The SRPC has arranged discounted room rates at three hotels. All three hotels offer a reserved room block, ensuring availability until March 15, 2024, or until the room block reaches full capacity. To ensure your stay, we recommend making your reservation without delay to avoid potential disappointment.



      Non-Medical partners are welcome to attend our conference! Enabling them to participate in meals, plenaries, and general interest sessions. Childcare Services Free on-site during the conference hours!


      As an exhibitor or sponsor, you will be at the forefront of a vibrant community of rural healthcare professionals. You’ll have the chance to showcase your products and services, engage with dedicated doctors, and contribute to the advancement of rural medical practice.


      In collaboration with R&R, SRPC is excited to extend an invitation to additional add-on courses. These courses are scheduled either before or after the main conference, allowing you to make the most of your time with us. Each course provider oversees their own registration and cancellation policies. If you ever need to withdraw from a course, please reach out to the respective provider directly. We’re here to make your learning journey seamless and enjoyable.

    • 07-Dec-2023 4:15 PM | Anonymous

      Hey SRPC Students and Residents,

      As many of you already know, we will be hosting the 31st Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Conference in Edmonton from April 18-20 2024. This conference allows rural physicians, rural residents, and medical students the opportunity to come together and learn about current trends in rural medicine, work opportunities in rural communities across Canada and develop professional networks!

      Each year the R & R Medicine Conference hosts the Co-Presenter program. This program allows for medical students and residents to be matched with a presenter to help co-present on a specific topic. Possible roles may include introducing the topic, assisting with developing the presentation, presenting portions of the talk, and facilitating group discussions. Student/Resident co-presenters will receive their choice of either a $200 honorarium, 1 free day at the conference, or 1 night's stay at a hotel.

      The deadline to apply is December 23rd, 2023.

      Terms and conditions of the Co-Presenter Program

      Co-Presenter Program Expression of Interest form

      Funding / Registration Details for R&R 2024

      2024 - Co-Presenter Team:

      • Jessica Bennett*, R&R Student Committee Co-Chair, MS2, University of Alberta
      • Taylor Hammond*, R&R Student Committee Co-Chair, MS4, NOSM
      • Rachel Howlett, R&R Resident Committee Chair, R2, Memorial University of Newfoundland
      • Jessica Kainth, R&R Co-Presenter Subcommittee, Xavier University School of Medicine
      • Aria Rezapour, R&R Co-Presenter Subcommittee, MS3, University of British Columbia
      • Faith Wierenga, R&R Co-Presenter Subcommittee, MS2, University of Alberta

    • 16-Nov-2023 9:38 AM | Anonymous

      SRPC'S Annual Rural Awards

      The Society of Rural Physicians of Canada has created awards to recognize and celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of its dedicated and enthusiastic members. Every year, we honour individuals and organizations that have made remarkable contributions to support, maintain and advocate for rural healthcare in Canada. 

      Our objectives are to: 

      • Acknowledge our members for their rural community projects 
      • Provide opportunities to pay tribute to those members who serve rural communities 
      • Showcase the significance of rural healthcare in Canada 
      • Offer a platform to demonstrate the impact of members’ work in rural communities
      We strongly encourage you to submit nominations for outstanding colleagues, mentors, and peers. Our esteemed awards committee will meticulously review each nomination to select the most deserving winners. We value your input and eagerly await your nominations.

      Our prestigious rural awards are given to SRPC Members, with a few exceptions: The Keith Award, The Rural Education Award, and The Rural Health Champion Award, which may be presented to Non-Members. 

      To verify your membership status or the membership status of your nominee, and for any questions or eligibility reviews, please contact Jenna Keindel at

      Deadlines for nominations

      January 31st each year for:

      • Medical Student / Medical Resident Leadership Award, Rural Leadership Award, Rural Specialist Merit Award, Rural Heart Award, Rural Mentorship Award, Rural Health Champion Award, and Rural Community Impact Award


      Nominate Your Rural Peers Today!

      Nominate a Member Here

      SRPC's Rural Service Awards 

      The Fellowship of Rural Remote Medicine of the SRPC (FRRMS), Lifetime Member Award, Rural Long Service Award (RLSA), and Rural Service Award (RSA) are all earned awards. Your eligibility is based on SRPC membership, years of service, and whether you have registered for the upcoming R&R conference.

      The Nominations and Awards Committee looks at who is registered for Rural & Remote by February 29th and takes their data from the SRPC Membership Profile to determine who meets the criteria for each of these awards.

      Be sure the ‘Please Review - To Qualify for SRPC Awards at R&R’ section of your profile is up to date.

      You must be registered for Rural & Remote by February 29, 2024.

      Click on the button below to log in and be sure your SRPC Profile is up to date.


      Questions About Awards?
      Contact Jenna Keindel
      Administrative Officer

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