About the SRPC Global Health Committee

Current Chair: Ray Markham from Valemount BC.

How long with the SRPC :  I have been a member of the SRPC since 2002 Steve Ferracuti in Ethiopia

Why are you a part of this committee ( see project work): 

Fundamentally improving rural health in Canada is all Global Health. From an equity perspective I believe it is good for us not to continually naval gaze but to see where we are in a global landscape as well as a national and provincial one.

Like Ray, Steve Ferracuti believes that health equity is a really fundamental principle. As rural physicians we have a front row seat as to how much inequity exists here in Canada whether caused by geographical, economic, cultural or historical/political/colonial factors. True equity does transcend borders and as rural providers we also have a unique perspective to the delivery and support of local delivery of care in under-resourced settings. At first glance it might seem that the issues are really different across the globe but when you do get don to it there are a lot of similarities and opportunities to share experiences in all directions. 

Purpose: To enable Canadian rural docs to participate in Global Health work, while continuing to serve their rural Canadian community.  In addition, to invite students and residents to participate in global health projects serving rural communities.


  • Leaders of projects consistent with the purpose (currently Ray Markham, Karl Stobbe and Steve Ferracuti)
  • A student
  • A resident
  • Up to 2 SRPC members interested in participating in a global health project

Activities/functions/areas of interest:Napal

  • Develop and maintain a list of projects for docs, students, residents.
  • Develop and maintain links between appropriate partners.  Examples: SRPC with CPAR, with AWB (Academics Without Borders) and others.
  • Create venues for cross-pollination and support of this work across provincial boundaries e.g. sessions at the Rural and Remote medicine course.
  • Describe the various types/categories of global health work, the ethical and economic issues involved with various types of GH work, and the skill required to make a meaningful contribution.

If you would like to join the committee: Call or email  Ray.Markham@ubc.ca  250 566 1127


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