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Global Health Committee

Steve Ferracuti in Ethiopia

Dr. Steve Ferracuti, Haliburton, Ontario

Dr. Ferracuti has been a member of the SRPC since 2001

The purpose of the committee is to enable Canadian rural docs to participate in Global Health work, while continuing to serve their rural Canadian community.  In addition, to invite students and residents to participate in global health projects serving rural communities.

Activities/functions/areas of interest:

  • Develop and maintain a list of projects for docs, students, residents.
  • Develop and maintain links between appropriate partners.  Examples: SRPC with CPAR, with AWB (Academics Without Borders) and others.
  • Create venues for cross-pollination and support of this work across provincial boundaries e.g. sessions at the Rural and Remote medicine course.
  • Describe the various types/categories of global health work, the ethical and economic issues involved with various types of GH work, and the skill required to make a meaningful contribution.

All Over the Map. The SRPC Global Health Series

Is This A Good Idea? ER Capacity Building in Ethiopia Tuesday October 10th 2023 12:00 pm EST


  1. Provision of an example of ER capacity building work in Ethiopia.
  2. An illustration of how this work may sit in an ethical framework.
  3. A discussion of how individuals may interact or integrate into projects of this nature.
Survey and feedback link.

Health System Strengthening work through Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief.


Dr. Alessandra Benigno
Dr. Ronak Brahmbhatt
Dr. Aimee Kernick
Dr. Ben Langer
Dr. Ray Markham
Dr. Onuora Odoh
Dr. Karl Stobbe

Leaders of projects consistent with the purpose (currently Ray Markham, Karl Stobbe and Steve Ferracuti)

A student, A resident, up to 2 SRPC members interested in participating in a global health project.

If you would like to join the committee let us know, send us an Email