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Membership Committee

Kerry-Lynn Williams
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Kerry-Lynn Williams is a broad scope rural generalist working in Goose Bay, Labrador. She is a recent graduate of Memorial University’s Family Medicine Program and has special interests in simulation-based medical education and rural critical care.

The Communications and General Membership Committee is identifying SRPC’s communications needs and priorities (through appropriate consultation), creating strategies to address the needs, and overseeing implementation of the strategies.
  • Ensuring that SRPC members are well informed on matters affecting the SRPC.
  • Ensuring SRPC is using communications technology effectively. This includes both internet-based resources, (ie website), social media, and evolving applications, recognizing that multiple means of communication will be required to meet the needs of our diverse membership.
  • Developing and periodically updating SRPC communications to members
This committee has a diverse mandate in looking at collaborations and communications and has unfortunately only been active for the past twelve months. However, we have made renewed connections with rural medical groups in Alberta and Ontario, established a connection with "The Rounds", started a quarterly newsletter, and completely revamped our website. Content production is always the hardest thing to do and collecting that has been challenging but rewarding.

You must be a member of the SRPC to be a member of the Committee.  Committee members must be willing to commit to a two-year term and to attend quarterly video conference meetings. Please send us an email to indicate your interest.