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Mentor Program

The SRPC Mentor Program is a pilot program that aims to connect medical students to rural physicians and residents from across the country to allow career exploration, guidance, and increased understanding of the scope of rural practice.

Goals of the Program

  • Connecting students to rural physicians across Canada
  • Career exploration and guidance
  • Increase understanding of the scope of rural practice
  • Provide learning opportunities outside of the formal academic environment
  • Contribute to the current and growing need of rural physicians in Canada

Become a Mentor

Make a difference in the future of rural medicine!

Help inspire and support the next generation of rural physicians by offering valuable learning experiences outside of traditional academic settings. Contribute to the current and growing need of rural physicians in Canada.

Your Role As a Mentor

As a mentor with SRPC, medical students will connect with you through SRPC office staff. Once you are connected, there will be flexibility in how you set up your mentor-mentee relationships, which can be tailored on an individual basis. This may include answering a few quick questions, setting up a longitudinal mentorship plan, or organizing shadowing experiences (public health guidelines permitting).

Expectations in your role as a mentor may include:

  • Sharing experiences of rural practice with mentees for the purpose of career exploration and guidance
  • Being honest and open regarding the rewards/challenges to rural medicine
  • Forming a plan and setting expectations with your mentee regarding frequency of meetings and meeting platform to be used
  • Sharing appropriate resources
  • Recognizing that advice given, while extremely valuable, does not substitute for MD program-specific mentorship and supports

Become a Mentee

A pathway to your rural medical future!

With the SRPC Mentor Program, you'll get the chance to gain invaluable knowledge, develop key competencies, and build lasting relationships that will help shape your future career as a rural healthcare provider.

Are you an SRPC Student, Resident or New to Practice Physician Member?

If you are looking for a Rural Mentor. Please ensure your SRPC membership is up to date. Send your email request to Kristen for a list of mentors and instructions to

Mentees Must be SRPC members to participate in this program. (Join here

*All Participants Must be SRPC members to participate in this program.

Special thanks to Avery Palmer, Erik Loewen Friesen, Anika Spasov, Carly Eisbrenner, and the SRPC Student Committee for their work on this project.

IMG Support and Networking

*NEW - Call for Rural Physicians to Support IMGs 

Supporting International Medical Graduates (IMGs) is a crucial part of addressing the HCP shortage in rural and remote areas across Canada. To help IMGs navigate the barriers of getting established as an HCP in Canada, SRPC is leading an online community for IMGs hosted by The Rounds, a secure network for healthcare professionals.

If you are willing to lend your expertise to the IMG community, please register here:

*NEW - IMG Community in The Rounds

In collaboration with The Rounds, a secure network for healthcare professionals, the SRPC is leading an online community to support International Medical Graduates in their transition to practicing in rural or remote parts of Canada. 

The IMG community in The Rounds is now open to both those who are seeking support in their transition as well as IMGs who are established in a rural area and willing to answer newcomers' questions. For more information or to register for free, click here: