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Stuart Iglesias ESS/OSS Bursary Award

10-Jul-2024 10:10 AM | Anonymous

The SRPC recognizes the importance of rural ESS/OSS physicians in optimizing care for those living in rural and remote areas of Canada and would like to support learning opportunities and foster networking. This bursary is named in honour of Dr. Stuart Iglesias, (a retired rural family physician) who was not only an ESS and FPA provider himself but also spent his entire career supporting rural maternity and surgical services through advocacy, research, and education. His tireless contributions led to an important culture-shift which the SRPC continues to support today.

The Stuart Iglesias ESS/OSS Bursary Award is presented to one (1) Medical Student, one (1) Medical Resident and one (1) Rural Physician who can demonstrate their interest in, or is actively pursuing Enhanced Surgical Skills (ESS) and Obstetrical Surgical Skills (OSS) (or otherwise supporting rural surgical and maternity care) as a rural generalist in rural Canada. 

Application Guidelines:

All candidates must be SRPC members and in good academic standing and demonstrate their commitment to rural medicine through any of the following:

  • Students – Tell us how you intend to focus your medical journey as an ESS/OSS Rural Generalist.
  • Residents – Are you a current OSS or ESS resident, or a Family Medicine resident serious about applying to those programs (or otherwise supporting rural surgery/maternity care)?
  • Rural Generalist - Are you a practicing rural generalist physician (with or without OSS/ESS) advocating for improved rural surgical and maternity care, locally, regionally, or nationally?

Nomination Process:

  • Nominees must be SRPC members.
  • Self-nominations must include a letter of support from a preceptor or SRPC physician member detailing how the nominee meets the award criteria.
  • Preceptors or SRPC physician members may also nominate candidates by describing how the nominee meets the criteria.
  • Format: Microsoft Word document (max 250 words) outlining how the nominee meets the criteria.
  • Submission: Send nomination emails to
  • Timeline: The nomination window is from July 1st to August 31st every even year (2024, 2026, 2028). Nomination letters will be reviewed in September, with winners announced in October. (3 months prior to ESS/OSS event)

This award is open to all SRPC Medical Student/Resident/Physician members across Canada. Please note that individuals may only win this award once.

Prize: Each recipient will receive $1000 credited towards attending the ESS/OSS event.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and celebrating the dedication and achievements of our rural medical professionals.

If you have any questions - please send your email to

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