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SRPC Partners & Families

Family/Non-Medical Partner Membership is now available

This new membership level will provide full access to the partner and family network we are building, and allow closer connections between members throughout the year. Members may also register for R&R events on their own account. The option to add-on registration to the physician registration package remains.

Future Events

R&R 2024

Dear fellow Spouses and Partners,

Greetings from the SRPC Partner Network Planning Group! We hope this email finds you safe and healthy in your corner of Canada.

As you are hopefully aware, the SRPC is holding The 31th Annual Rural & Remote Medicine Course. The three day event will be held from April 18 – April 20, 2023 in Niagara Falls Ontario. We are excited to announce that there are several Partner Network sessions planned!

Details on how to register are available on the event page.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch. If you are interested in joining the Planning Group, we would love to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Coordinators, SRPC Partner & Family Group

Patti Kemp, Thorndale, ON
Laura Soles, Clearwater, BC
Fraser Turner, Shediac Bridge, NB
Stephanie Welton, Yarmouth, NS
Viola Enns Woelk, Winkler, MB

Partner & Family Network

This network was started in 2018 by Fraser Turner, Laura Soles, Patti Kemp and Stephanie Welton. We all live in different parts of Canada and our partners are rural family physicians. We met through the Rural and Remote events put on by the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada. Gathering with other partners and families of rural physicians at R&R has been valuable to all of us. We benefit so much from the support, friendship, and things we learn from each other. We want this to be able to continue year round, and make sure others can access the same supportive community.

We want to create a community open to all partners and families of rural physicians in Canada!

At R&R in 2018 and 2019, a working group has met to discuss what types of resources and supports to put in place, as well as how to access these resources, share information, and stay connected with each other.

SOME FILES THAT MIGHT BE USEFUL!   Rural Family Network Notes.pdf

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Family/Non Medical Partner Membership is available at $20.

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Members will have their own unique access to the SRPC website, which will allow you to register on your own for R&R events, and connect with other partners throughout the year, securely, online.

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Planning Group

Patti Kemp lives in rural Southwestern Ontario. She met her physician husband in London, England and decided to bring him home. Before they made it back to Ontario, he had to write lots of exams, apply for a residency as an International Medical Graduate and complete his rural and remote residency in Northern British Columbia. Patti is a lawyer who is currently a stay-at-home parent. She likes to play piano, make fudge and figure out where to plant trees on their rural property.

Laura Soles  has lived in Clearwater, BC with her rural doc husband, John, since 1989.  She has brought a wealth of understanding and knowledge of the life that is rural medicine to the SRPC.  She has been involved with the Rural and Remote Conferences since 2003, moving from selling SRPC vests and handing out evaluation gifts to being an Onsite Coordinator in conjunction with the SRPC office staff.  She has strong communication skills, demonstrates a genuine interest in people’s lives and stories and brings a personal touch to the “family” that is rural medicine. 

Laura is a voracious reader, and enjoys scuba diving, camping, canoeing, and meeting new people. Laura has been actively pursuing her dream of an SRPC Family Partner network since 2008 and is very happy to be working with the fabulous people that have made this a reality!

Fraser Turner. After a number of years living in the Canadian Arctic, Fraser and his family now live in Shediac Bridge in southeastern New Brunswick.  Fraser is currently teaching physics at Mount Allison University after having been a stay-at-home parent, and became involved with the SRPC after attending the Rural and Remote conference with his wife Dr. Sarah Lesp√©rance and their two children. When he’s not busy shuttling kids to soccer and dance, Fraser enjoys cycling, canoeing, and playing the bagpipes.

Stephanie Welton is living in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia with her family physician husband Andrew and their daughter. Stephanie has been involved with the SRPC working at the Rural and Remote conferences since she was in her teens. In Yarmouth she plays the trombone and ultimate frisbee, and is working on supporting primary care research in the Yarmouth medical community.

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