Comprehensive, Advanced & Fellowship level Point of Care Ultrasound training For Rural, Remote & Resource-Limited practitioners

  • 01-Jul-2022
  • 31-Dec-2023
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Comprehensive, Advanced & Fellowship level Point of Care Ultrasound training  For Rural, Remote & Resource-Limited practitioners

For Rural, Remote & Resource-Limited practitioners.

The Rural Ultrasound Fellowship was designed based on proven international models for advanced PoCUS teaching & mentorship. Unlike "course" based teaching (i.e. "one and done" models), the Rural Ultrasound Fellowship provides a year long curriculum with spaced repetition and ongoing faculty support every step of the way. 

It truly is an ultrasound Fellowship, and one that you can partake in while working full time in your own practice location

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Rural Ultrasound Fellowship’s Mission:

  1. To offer an affordable, comprehensive (year long), advanced bedside ultrasound training program to meet the needs of rural physicians in Canada.

  2. To respect that rural physicians should not need to leave their home community in order to participate; NOR should they need to interrupt their practices or place their lives on hold in order to participate.

  3. To acknowledge rural practices often benefit from enhanced diagnostic awareness at the bedside; as compared to exclusive Emergency Medicine PoCUS content / the assumption that alternate diagnostic imaging is readily available nearby.

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