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Supporting Transgender Medical Trainees in a Rural Context - Watch the Session Online Now.

07-Jun-2023 4:23 PM | Anonymous

SRPC Medical Student, Sean Bristowe hosted a zoom event on May 18th - Supporting Transgender Medical Trainees in a Rural Context.

If you missed it or wanted to listen again, here is the link. Supporting Transgender Medical Trainees in a Rural Context - Watch the Session Online Now

Sean has also provided this list of practical takeaways:

  • If a trainee chooses to disclose to you about their gender identity and/or pronouns, ask them:
        - What would you like me to do if a patient or colleague or allied health care professional misgenders you?
        - Would you like me to brief staff at the hospital/clinic?
        - Do you need support accessing any facilities, for example like bathrooms and changerooms?
        - Is there anything that I can do to make you feel supported during your rotation/block/shift?
        - Do you have any safety concerns and if yes, how can I support you with these?

  • If you hear from a trainee that they've had a challenging clinical interaction or professional interaction, consider asking them if they would like to debrief

  • Offer compassion to trainees after challenging/transphobic interactions

  • Survey your town/village/county for resources that you can pass on to trainees if they ask
         - trans-affirming spaces or pride events
         - mentors, community leaders, other professionals who identify as queer and/or trans

  • DO NOT out a trans trainee or have side conversations about the trainee with other staff

  • Consider accessing training/supports to improve your gender diversity expertise

  • Normalize pronouns by introducing yourself with your pronouns and asking all students what pronouns they use

  • Have signage around clinical spaces that indicates you are queer and/or trans supportive
         - e.g. transgender or pride flags, lanyards, pins, etc...

  • Talk to your colleagues and staff about trans issues! Start the change in your communities

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