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    • 01-Feb-2021
    • (EST)
    • 31-Dec-2021
    • (EST)

    Program Description

    The SRPC mentorship program is a pilot program that aims to connect medical students to rural physicians and residents from across the country to allow career exploration, guidance and increased understanding of the scope of rural practice.


    • Connecting students to rural physicians across Canada
    • Career exploration and guidance
    • Increase understanding of the scope of rural practice
    • Provide learning opportunities outside of the formal academic environment
    • Contribute to the current and growing need of rural physicians in Canada

    Your Role As a Mentor

    As a mentor with SRPC, medical students will connect with you through the SRPC office manager. Once you are connected, there will be flexibility in how you set up your mentor-mentee relationships, which can be tailored on an individual basis. This may include answering a few quick questions, setting up a longitudinal mentorship plan, or organizing shadowing experiences (public health guidelines permitting).

    Expectations in your role as a mentor may include:

    • Sharing experiences of rural practice with mentees for the purpose of career exploration and guidance
    • Being honest and open regarding the rewards/challenges to rural medicine
    • Forming a plan and setting expectations with your mentee regarding frequency of meetings and meeting platform to be used
    • Sharing appropriate resources
    • Recognizing that advice given, while extremely valuable, does not substitute for MD program-specific mentorship and supports

    * By registering as a mentor for this program, you consent to allowing the SRPC to share the information you have provided to mentees that register for the program.  As a mentor, you may contact the SRPC at any time and have your name removed.

    ** Must be an SRPC member to participate in this program.

    • 01-Apr-2021
    • (EDT)
    • 01-Sep-2021
    • (EDT)
    • Online self-directed available until September 1, 2021
    The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) is offering SRPC Members a 20% discount in this online module that will help primary care practitioners (paediatricians, physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and other allied health care providers) to diagnose, manage and treat mild to moderate AD.  This module will be available until September 1, 2021.

    Diagnosis and Management of Mild to Moderate Paediatric Atopic Dermatitis

    This is a self-directed, interactive online module available through Pedagogy, the CPS learning platform. This module features the latest evidence to help primary care practitioners diagnose, manage, and treat paediatric atopic dermatitis, and help patients and parents adhere to treatment regimens. This module is Mainpro+ and MOC certified.

    We are pleased to offer SRPC members a 20% discount on this module.  Members can apply this discount on Pedagogy using coupon code SRPC2020 at checkout.

    Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic, remitting-relapsing inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by intensely pruritic (itchy) and dry, scaly lesions. AD is one of the most common paediatric skin disorders, and disease onset occurs in 85 to 90 percent of Canadian children before age 5. Among children and youth with AD, almost three-fifths have mild to moderate disease, which can be managed by a paediatrician or other primary care practitioners.

    Learning Objectives
    After completing this online module, you will be able to:

    • Describe the diagnostic process for paediatric atopic dermatitis (AD)
    • Describe the non-pharmacologic management of AD
    • Describe the different first-line pharmacologic therapies for AD
    • Assess when specialist referral may be appropriate/necessary
    • Enhance patient/parent education and counselling to optimize treatment adherence

    Posted 05-Nov-2020 Event End date 01-Sep-2021

    • 01-Jun-2021
    • (EDT)
    • 30-Sep-2021
    • (EDT)
    • On Demand, Available until end of September
    On Demand, Available until end of September
    SRPC Members - Request Promo Code - Email Jennak@srpc.ca
    LEAP Personal Support Worker

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, SRPC members have been seeking out additional information, tools, and resources as it relates to palliative care. You have demonstrated that learning about palliative care is important as you strive to provide the best possible care and support to your patients and their families. In recognition of the interest and commitment to palliative care, SRPC and Pallium Canada have teamed up to extend a 50% discount on LEAP Online to SRPC members.

    Pallium Canada is a national leader in providing continuing medical education on palliative care for health care professionals across Canada. Its Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP) courseware provides practical, interprofessional, and evidence-based training and tools in the palliative care approach across multiple health care settings. Over the past twenty years, Pallium’s courses have equipped tens of thousands of primary- and generalist-level health care professionals with core competencies in palliative care.

    LEAP Online is a facilitated online learning program that provides health care professionals with the essential skills and competencies of the palliative care approach. LEAP Online includes 16 online modules completed at your own pace and 6 hours of webinars led by LEAP facilitators who are experienced palliative care clinicians and educators. This Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 24 Mainpro+ credits.

    You can learn more about LEAP Online here

    SRPC Members Request the Promo Code.

    • 21-Jun-2021
    • 9:00 AM (PDT)
    • 28-Jun-2021
    • 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • 2-day session: July 21st and 28th

    We would like to share with you an upcoming new program hosted by a partner organization of ours, the Stigma-Free Society. They are hosting a Peer Support Facilitator Training Program for Rural Women Entrepreneurs in collaboration with Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH, as a part of their new Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit.

    The Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit is the Society’s response to the mental health crisis across North America in rural and agricultural communities. In the Peer Support Facilitator Training Program, participants will be trained to be Peer Support Group Facilitators and this will allow them to create peer support groups in their own rural and agricultural communities. Participants will gain an understanding of peer support fundamentals and how to apply them effectively when supporting peers, and learn how to effectively communicate and share personal experiences to enhance interactions as a peer supporter and group facilitator!

    Course information:

    • 2-day session: July 21st and 28th, 9AM PST-5PM PST (with breaks)
    • FREE or by donation to the Stigma-Free Society
    • Register HERE 


    If you have any questions about this incredible opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact the Stigma-Free Society at madeleine@stigmafreesociety.com. Please share this announcement with your network, as well as your family and friends.

    • 22-Jun-2021
    • (PDT)
    • 25-Jun-2021
    • (PDT)
    • Virtual

    The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) is excited to host the first-ever, all-virtual Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference (ACSC) on June 22-25, 2021. Participants will be able to enjoy 46 hours of accredited live and recorded content, join sub-specialty sessions focused on obstetrics and gynaecology, and access all recorded content until September 6th! 

    77th Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference

    The SOGC’s Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference (ACSC) is the premier continuing medical education event in Canada for obstetrics and gynaecology, bringing together the largest gathering of health care professionals working in the field of women’s health. As COVID-19 continues to influence the way we can communicate and come together, after careful consideration, the SOGC decided to offer the 2021 ACSC in a virtual format instead of holding an in-person event.

    View this year’s session and social program



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    • 29-Jun-2021
    • (EDT)
    • On Demand Available until June 30

    COVID-19 Healthcare Cybersecurity eLearning

    On Demand Available until June 30

    The COVID-19 crisis provides the perfect opportunity for socially engineered cyber attacks. During this crisis there has been a dramatic surge in cyber attacks against hospitals, physicians and healthcare professionals.

    With the move to virtual care due to quarantining and social distancing, the vulnerability of our Canadian healthcare system is at an all-time high.

    To help support health professionals manage this increased risk, Saegis has released a free eLearning course to Canadian physicians and their healthcare teams.

    Here are the links for registration
    En version : COVID-19 Healthcare Cybersecurity eLearning - Saegis

    Fr version : Mini-modules gratuits - COVID-19 et la cybersécurité des soins de santé - Saegis

     Do you know Saegis ?

    Saegis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), is a provider of safety programs and practice management solutions to physicians, healthcare professionals, teams, hospitals and clinics.

    Our high quality, specialized professional development programs, safety initiatives and practice management services are designed to reduce risk and improve safety in healthcare. 

    • 18-Sep-2021
    • (EDT)
    • ZOOM

    CBT Canada has some upcoming Zoom sessions, all geared towards doctors, allied health professionals and students/residents, including those working/training in rural communities.    Multi Dates March to September

    For a full list of events and details  on how to register please visit
    CBT Home Page

    If you have any questions please contact

    Lurissa Kelland
    CBT Canada
    PO Box 852, Station A
    Toronto, ON  M5W 1G3

    TEL: 877-466-8228

    WEB: www.cbt.ca

    EMAIL: info@cbt.ca

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15-Jun-2021 Research Exchange Groups on Rural Health/ The rural tax
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01-Jun-2021 Status Quo is No longer an Option Towards a Coalition on Action Against Indigenous Specific Racism in Health Care.
01-Jun-2021 Saegis Shield - Online cybersecurity and privacy education
29-May-2021 BC Rural Health Conference
20-May-2021 2021 Update in Dermatology
19-May-2021 Research Exchange Groups on Rural Health/ Indigenous Health
13-May-2021 Emergency Preparedness for the Health Care Industry
07-May-2021 2021 Update in Geriatrics for Primary Care
26-Apr-2021 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership
22-Apr-2021 The 28th Annual Rural & Remote Medicine Course - Take 2!
22-Apr-2021 Rural & Remote 2021 - Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration
22-Apr-2021 70th Annual Refresher Course for Family Physicians
17-Apr-2021 Toronto Anesthesia Symposium
15-Apr-2021 Ethical Issues and COVID-19: Reflections on the Past, Implications for the Future
14-Apr-2021 Pandemic Next Steps for Hospitals
26-Mar-2021 Environment and Health Data 101
26-Mar-2021 Rural Connect 2021 (FREE)
26-Mar-2021 SEMAC 2021 Virtual Annual Conference
10-Mar-2021 Therapeutics Initiative: Critical Appraisal Virtual Workshop
10-Mar-2021 Rural & Northern Health Care
28-Feb-2021 SRPC's Virtual Rural Residency Tour
26-Feb-2021 11th Annual Whistler Anesthesiology Summit
26-Feb-2021 56th Annual Family Practice Review
24-Feb-2021 Indigenous Health Educational Series
12-Feb-2021 UBC Care of the Elderly Virtual Conference
28-Jan-2021 LUCAS 2021 (Lower and Upper Canada Anesthesia Symposium)
27-Jan-2021 MD Financial Management - The physician’s retirement plan
13-Jan-2021 Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians
01-Jan-2021 Indigenous Canada
16-Dec-2020 CAEP National Grand Rounds with Trauma Experts in Rural and Urban Centers.
15-Dec-2020 Indigenous Health Educational Series
15-Dec-2020 Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Catheterization: Tele-Simulation
09-Dec-2020 Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians
07-Dec-2020 Dermatology Ask-Me-Anything
07-Dec-2020 Neurology Ask-Me-Anything
04-Dec-2020 Endocrinology Ask-Me-Anything
02-Dec-2020 Fall Dermatology Review Virtual Series
02-Dec-2020 E-Prescribing Ask-Me-Anything
02-Dec-2020 Medico-legal Concerns: What gets in the way of Choosing Wisely?
30-Nov-2020 RHSRNbc's 2020 Virtual Symposium
25-Nov-2020 Virtual Vaccine Hesitancy Workshop
20-Nov-2020 Anesthesia Care and Pain Medicine in Rural and Remote Regions in Canada Symposium
19-Nov-2020 Rocky Mountain Internal Medicine 2020
18-Nov-2020 Fall Dermatology Review Virtual Series
14-Nov-2020 Canadian Association of Wilderness Medicine CAWM 2020 Conference
12-Nov-2020 ISAM-CSAM 2020 Scientific Conference & Annual Meeting
05-Nov-2020 Refresher Course for Family Physician Anesthetists
04-Nov-2020 Choosing Wisely Talks
23-Oct-2020 UBC Division of Palliative Care CME Day
23-Oct-2020 Practical Evidence for Informed Practice (PEIP) Conference 2020
23-Oct-2020 CADDRA2020 Virtual ADHD Conference and Research Day
17-Oct-2020 Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians
30-Sep-2020 Using Blood Wisely Launch Events
22-Aug-2020 VITAL FM Update - Live, Stream on Demand
15-Jul-2020 CBT Banff
02-Jul-2020 CBT Blue Mountain
29-May-2020 2020 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership - Cancelled-
29-May-2020 BC Rural Health Conference - Cancelled
29-May-2020 CBT - Dates and locations across Canada
25-Apr-2020 Sims for ESS - Cancelled
23-Apr-2020 The 28th Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course - Cancelled
23-Apr-2020 RR2020 - Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration
15-Apr-2020 15th Annual Transfusion Medicine Education
09-Apr-2020 Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
16-Mar-2020 Rural and Remote 2020 - CANCELLATION
20-Feb-2020 SCORE
18-Jan-2020 SCORE + ACLS
17-Jan-2020 Banff Endoscopy Skills Conference
16-Jan-2020 Banff Rural Suite Courses
15-Jan-2020 CPD for ESS / OSS
15-Jan-2020 SOS for PPH - Surgical Obstetrical Skills for Post Partum Hemorrhage
29-Nov-2019 Evidence-based Assessment and Management of ADHD in Primary Care
26-Nov-2019 WEBINAR: Topical Analgesics – Can we directly apply the evidence?
14-Nov-2019 Rocky Mountain Internal Medicine 2019
25-Oct-2019 PEIP (Practical Evidence for Informed Practice)
19-Oct-2019 Emergency Department Targeted Ultrasound (EDTU) (2 day course)
10-Oct-2019 CAEP Event - AIME (1 day course)
04-Oct-2019 Therapeutics Initiative Conference 2019
22-Sep-2019 SCORE + CGMH
18-Jul-2019 SCORE + ACLS
04-Jun-2019 Therapeutics Initiative Night: UTIs, PPIs, & Deprescribing
24-May-2019 BC Rural Health Conference 2019
24-May-2019 2019 Rural Locum Forum
07-Apr-2019 Call for Abstracts Rural and Remote 2020
07-Apr-2019 The ECCU 1 Course
07-Apr-2019 CNIS Instructors Hernia Repair Course
06-Apr-2019 Realistic 3D Printed Modules to Learn HALO Procedures
04-Apr-2019 RR2019 - Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration
04-Apr-2019 The 27th Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course
02-Apr-2019 CASTED: Emergency
27-Mar-2019 Therapeutics Initiative Methods Speaker Series
08-Feb-2019 Cabin Fever 2019
18-Jan-2019 35th Annual Emergency Medicine for Rural Hospitals
18-Jan-2019 Endoscopy Skills Days for Practicing Endoscopists
22-Oct-2018 CAEP Event - EMR III (2 day course)
19-Oct-2018 ACFP Event - Brief Messaging
19-Oct-2018 ACFP Event - Extended Messaging
03-Oct-2018 CAEP Event - AIME (1 day course) repeated
01-Oct-2018 Call for Abstracts Rural and Remote 2019
15-Apr-2018 Supervised Ultrasound Scanning Day
13-Apr-2018 Scotch Tasting - Extra R&R Social
13-Apr-2018 Pediatric Simulation Workshop
12-Apr-2018 Trivia Night - Extra R&R Social
12-Apr-2018 Leading Resuscitation Remotely Via Telehealth
12-Apr-2018 The 26th Annual Rural and Remote Medicine Course
10-Apr-2018 ALARM - Advances in Labour and Risk Management
19-Jan-2018 The 8th Annual Endoscopy Skills Day
17-Jan-2018 Enhanced Surgical Skills Program
17-Jan-2018 Advanced Rural Plastics Procedures
17-Jan-2018 SOO CNIS Structured Operative Obstetrics Instructors Course
13-Dec-2017 Slit Lamp Examinations
13-Dec-2017 Rural Plastics Procedures Montreal
08-Nov-2017 SRPC Logo Contest

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