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Information expressed on Rural Med are the views of the author(s) and not necessarily of the SRPC except when labelled as policy.

The RuralMed Electronic Mailing List is a forum for rural physicians, and about rural medicine. This mailing list was started in 1995 as an initiative of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada. It is an attempt to create a network of physicians in rural practice, as well as others in universities or elsewhere with an interest in rural medicine. Although RURALMED has a Canadian focus, international participants are also welcome. It's purpose is to support rural practitioners, whether they be rural GP/FPs or rural specialists, by providing a forum for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas and information.

RURALMED is the largest of any rural medical lists in Canada, it has over three hundred members. If you are going to subscribe to any list, this should be the one you choose.  Access available to all SRPC members.

The Rural Anesthesia Discussion list. The purpose of this email list is to serve as a forum for those practicing or interested in rural anesthesia in Canada. This is a closed list, which means your subscription will be held for approval. This is also a private list.  Members can email or fill in the form to be added Ruralanesthesia List

Instructions and Subscription Info

SRPC Members that wish to subscribe to RuralMed, MedRurale or RuralMedStudent please send a request to

Once added, you can post a message to the RuralMed discussion group that has over 350 members by sending an email to 

If you are signed up for the RuralMedStudent discussion group send your email to 

To change your RuralMed subscription, you must of course already be subscribed and you must be able to post a message to the list. The listserver only allows one to post a message when using the same "reply-to" address as appears in one's subscription. Thus, if your e-mail address has changed or your computer settings have changed or you are trying to post a message or change your subscription from a different computer, you may have problems. As well, some of the 'free' e-mail services add messages to the bottom of your e-mail and these messages have been known to interfere with sending commands. If this is the case, please send a message to explaining the change you would like to make.

Please don't send 'unsubscribe' or other such commands to the main list. Send these requests or any other commands to

Commands are placed as a single line in the body of an e-mail, preferably with no other words, sent to

Some of the commands available to make changes are:


Please do not provide unsolicited attachments for the following reasons:
  1. They look like viruses any many will delete unopened
  2. They can be bulky and tie up low speed rural connections
  3. The recipients may not have the program needed to open the file
  4. They can not be opened by any people who get Rural Med as a digest
Instead please post a link to the file or offer to send the file to people who request it.

Formatted Text

While most on Rural Med will be able to make out HTML encoded text, All rural med listers will be able to read plain unformatted text (ANSII / ASCII ). Please set your e-mail program to this setting for outgoing mail.

Quoting Previous Text

In replying to an e-mail, take care not to quote the entire text unless it is brief. Your point will be made more forceful if you quote just the part that you are commenting on.


You are posting to over 500 people including medical students, rural doctors and nurse practitioners.  Please ensure that you use professional decorum and collegiality at all times.


Occasional personal advertisement for locums or the like are welcome. We reserve the right to remove from the list any entity that we deem to be commercial that would use Rural Med for targeted advertisement.  If you would like to advertise an even on our event board or place a classified ad please get in touch with Jenna.