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British Columbia

British Columbia Representative

Karen Forgie - Email

Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia

Karen Forgie is a full service family practice physician of 30 years in Sechelt on the sunshine coast.  She is also involved with UBC as a Clinical Assistant Professor to her clinic's medical students and Residents, President of the Sunshine Coast Medical Staff Association, Economics Chair of BC Family Doctors. She has also provided many years of on-call service to the Kivalliq region health centres of Nunavut and has recently returned to NWT as a locum hospitalist.  Rural and remote interested started when becoming involved as an outpost nurse and midwife in northern Newfoundland and Labrador.  Karen has always loved the work in rural communities, the skillset required, the innovation that is prompted by reduced resources and the resiliency and culture of rural peoples.

Provincial and Territorial Representatives are volunteers elected by members as per the by-laws at the annual meeting. Representatives from across the country help to make the work of the Society of Rural Physicians happen. They are your contacts. Please feel free to share information, questions and concerns with them for discussion at quarterly meetings. The outcome will come back to you via the SRPC Newsletter, emails, the RuralMed mailing list, or directly via your representative. We can always use more human resources and ideas. If you have something to contribute, let us know!