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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Representative

Declan Fox - Tignish PE

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This role is currently vacant, and we welcome any interested SRPC physician member to submit a letter of interest with their cv addressed to the nominations and awards committee for review and consideration. If you have questions or would like a list of what the commitment is, please email

The Recruitment & Retention Secretariat coordinates site visits for physicians who have an interest in working in Prince Edward Island communities. They work closely with community groups and members in rural Prince Edward Island to ensure physicians are greeted into the communities, meet with various community members and facilities, and get a true feel for the community.
They offer return-in-service financial incentives for rural areas - family physicians receive $30,000 for a three-year RIS to a location deemed rural in PEI. More information on the RIS incentives it can be found here: under "Physicians" and "Financial Incentives for Physicians."
Their Family Medicine Sponsorship Program is designed to place sponsored students in physician job vacancies in the "area of greatest need" within the province (at the time that the new physician is ready for work). While it is not mandatory, it is not unusual for sponsored physicians to be placed in a rural area of the Island. More information on this program can be found on their website under "Physicians" and "Family Medicine Sponsorship Program."

Provincial and Territorial Representatives are volunteers elected by members as per the by-laws at the annual meeting. Representatives from across the country help to make the work of the Society of Rural Physicians happen. They are your contacts. Please feel free to share information, questions and concerns with them for discussion at quarterly meetings. The outcome will come back to you via the SRPC Newsletter, emails, the RuralMed mailing list, or directly via your representative. We can always use more human resources and ideas. If you have something to contribute, let us know!