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CJRM Fall 2002 v07n(4)

Fall 2002

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

If it's Québec, it must be Bill 114
John Wootton, MD

Si c'est la Loi 114, ça doit être au Québec
John Wootton, MD

President's message: A National Rural Health Strategy
Jill Konkin, MD

Message du président : Une stratégie nationale sur la santé rurale
Jill Konkin, MD

Original articles * Articles originaux

Induction of labour in the third trimester: review of outcomes with intravaginal
misoprostol compared with dinoprostone gel at a rural hospital in British Columbia
Paul Mackey, MB BS; Greg Lang, MD; Lori Bonertz, BSc Pharm

Use of epidural analgesia for labour and delivery in Alberta
Corrine Truman, PhD; Yan Jin, MA; David Johnson, MD

Joint Statement * Enoncé conjoint

Canadian Emergency Department Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS): Rural Implementation Statement
SRPC-ER Working Group: Karl Stobbe, MD; Dale Dewar, MD; Christine Thornton; Sylvain Duchaine, MD; Pierre-Michel Tremblay, MD; David Howe, MB

L'échelle canadienne de triage et de gravité pour les départements d'urgence (ÉTG) : énoncé sur l'implantation en milieu rural
Membres du Groupe de travail CU-SMRC : Karl Stobbe, MD; Dale Dewar, MD; Christine Thornton; Sylvain Duchaine, MD; Pierre-Michel Tremblay, MD; David Howe, MB

The practitioner * Le praticien

The occasional umbilical vein catheterization
John Wootton, MD; Pascal Croteau, MD; Suzanne Poirier, RN

Country cardiograms case 22: Flipped T alert!
Hugh Hindle, MB BS

Podium: Doctors Speak Out * La Parole aux médecins

A primer on rural medical politics: 6. Showdown: OK Corral? Can the West be won?
Keith MacLellan, MD


Maintenance of Competence in rural hospitals
Keith MacLellan, MD; Stuart Iglesias, MD; Brad Armstrong, MD

Off Call * Détente

Destination * Destination

The spirituality of the journey
Sterling Haynes, MD

Departments* Chroniques    

Rural Resident Research Award

Competition for the best rural resident research

Letters * Correspondance

The occasional lumbar puncture
Peter Camfield, MD; John Wootton, MD

Actualités * News

Communiqué / Media Release: La Loi 114
Maurice Lamarche, MD

Out Behind the Barn * Dans le feu de l'action

 What's in a Word?
Barrie McCombs, MD

Literature * Litterature scientifique


Cover: "Thunderhead"

Anna L. Ager, Chester, NS
Acrylic on canvas, 36" × 48"
Anna Ager, Box 674, Chester, NS
B0J 1J0

© 2002 Anna L. Ager 

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