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CJRM Fall 2003 v08n(4)

Fall 2003

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

The bigger picture
John Wootton, MD

Le tableau d'ensemble
John Wootton, MD

President's message: Making progress
Jill Konkin, MD

Message du président : Nous marquons des progrès
Jill Konkin, MD

Original articles * Articles originaux

Health concerns of male and female farmers: implications for health promotion planning
Wilfreda E. Thurston, PhD; Heather Jo Blundel-Gosselin, RN, MSc;  Ardene Robinson Vollman, RN, PhD

Stress in male and female farmers: an ecological rather than an individual problem
Wilfreda E. Thurston, PhD; Heather Jo Blundell-Gossellin, RN, MSc; Sarah Rose, PhD

The issues shared by professionals living and working in rural communities in British Columbia
James C. Montgomery, PhD

The practitioner * Le praticien

The occasional scaphoid cast
Gordon Brock, MD, CCFP; Alex Tarambikos, Orthop (C), BSc, RT

Country cardiograms case 23
Charles Helm, MD

Out Behind the Barn * Dans le feu de l'action

A PDA user's diary
Barrie McCombs, MD, CCFP, CCFP(EM)

Podium: Doctors Speak Out* La parole aux Médicins

Rural Canadian anesthesia: past, present and future
Hal Irvine, MD, FCFP

Letters * Correspondance

Impact of alternate payment planse
Darren Jakubec, MD, CCFP

Impact of alternate payment plans
P. Kuhnert, MD, CCFP

Impact of alternate payment plans [response]
Maria Mathews, PhD, Andrew J. Lockhart, MPH

Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD

12th Annual Rural/Remote Medicine Conference
Quebec City
April 15 to 17, 2004
for more information please see page 261

Cover: "Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia"
9.5"×14" watercolour on 300-lb d'Arches
Christopher Kovacs, MD, FRCPC, FACP
Associate Professor,
Memorial University of Newfoundland;
Signed, limited edition prints of this piece are planned for release in December 2003. For further details, contact the artist.
© 2002 Christopher Kovacs

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