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CJRM Spring 2015 v20n(2)

Spring 2015

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

The quantum theory of rural practice
Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD
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Une théorie quantique de la pratique en milieu rural
Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD
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President's message.  Enhanced surgical services
John Soles, MD
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Message du président.  Amélioration des services de chirurgie
John Soles, MD
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Original articles * Articles originaux

Nurse-led diabetes management in remote locations
Sue Kirby, PhD; Malcolm Moore, MBBS; Trish McCarron, RN; David Perkins, PhD; David Lyle, MBBS
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Vancomycin use in a rural hospital: a 3-year retrospective study
Megan Bollinger, MD; Marsha Hamilton, RN; Kurt Schroeder, BSc(Pharm); Sonia Link, BSc(Pharm); Jasmyn Nguyen; Dominic Chu; Wilma Hopman, MA; Raphael Saginur, MD; Len Kelly, MD
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The practitioner * Le praticien

Country cardiograms case 53
Charles Helm, MD
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The occasional posterior hip dislocation reduction
Gordon Brock, MD
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Residents' corner * Coin des résidents

From the T-dot to the Rock: my journey in rural family medicine
Taft Micks, MD
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Career / Classified Advertising * Carrières et annonces classées

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Spirit Horse: Jump for Joy Mixed media on burlap: acrylic, pen and ink, and glitter glue; 16" × 23", by Katharine Fletcher
© 2014
All rights reserved. (Sold: private collection)
fletcher.katharine@gmail.com From Katharine’s ongoing Spirit Horse series, Jump for Joy expresses this pregnant mare’s delight for the life she bears. Photo: Eric Fletcher

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