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FALL 2020

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

Reflections on Summer 2020
Peter Hutten‑Czapski, MD
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Réflections sur l’été 2020
Peter Hutten‑Czapski, MD
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President's message.  A rural lens on physician credentialing
Gabe Woollam, MD, FCFP, FRRMS
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Message du président.  Dérive des titres de compétence
Gabe Woollam, MD, FCFP, FRRMS
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Original articles * Articles originaux

Diabetes prevalence and demographics in 25 First Nations communities in northwest Ontario (2014–2017)
Cai‐Lei Matsumoto, MSc, Sheldon Tobe, MD, FRCP, MScCH, Yoko S. Schreiber, MD FRCPC MSc (Epi) CIP, Natalie Bocking, MD, CCFP, RCP‐ SC, Janet Gordon, PND, Sharen Madden, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP, Josh Hopko, Len Kelly, MD, MClin Sci, FCFP, FRRM

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Defining rural teaching hospitals in Canada: Developing and testing a new definition
Aaron Johnston, MD, Julia Haber, MD, MSc, Rebecca Malhi, PhD, Darren Nichols, MD, Rylen Williamson, Undergraduate Student
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Procedural series

The occasional low‑flow priapism
Andrew Baker, MSc, Christopher Patey, MD, Hasan Al‑Obaidi, MD
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Case report

Bacterial endocarditis diagnosed with point‑of‑care ultrasound in a rural emergency department
Taft Micks, MD, BMSc, CCFP (EM), Kyle Sue, MD, MHM, BSc, CCFP (PC)
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Book review

Deep Water Dream
Stacy Desilets, MD, FCFP, FRRMS
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Career / Classified / Advertising

Hearst Recruitment / The Review Course in Family Medicine

Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) / Kenora Recruiter / Health Jobs PEI

Weeneebayko Area Health Authority / Island Health BC

Interior Health Recruitment BC

College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC)

Instructions for Authors

Title: The Bird Sanctuary. 2004

Artist Name: Bryn Whittaker

Size ETC: Acrylic on canvas


Contact Information: Via homepage

on the Art In Canada website. Also on

Facebook as Bryn Whittaker (from


A grandchild is introduced to the

wonders of nature. Clifford Lee Bird

sanctuary Edmonton, AB.

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