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Summer 1996

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

A new venture: CJRM, a voice for rural medicine
John Wootton, MD

Ambulatory epidural analgesia
John Wootton, MD

Commentary * Commentaire

Why have a society of rural physicians?
Keith MacLellan, MD

Pourquoi une société des médecins ruraux?
Keith MacLellan, MD

Original Article * Article original

Ambulatory epidural analgesia in obstetrics: a proposal for rural Canada
Stuart Iglesias, MD

The practitioner * Le praticien

Country cardiograms case 1
Jim Thompson, MD

The occasional chest tube
Keith MacLellan, MD

Regional Review * Actualités régionales

Focus on Ontario
Ken Babey, MD

Off call * Détente

Podium: Doctors Speak Out • La parole aux médecins

Rural practice: Challenging but endangered? A Nova Scotia perspective
Peter Loveridge, MB

Cryptic Crossword

Destination • Destination

Into the Canadian Wilds
Suzanne Kingsmill, MSc

Departments • Chroniques


Literature / Littérature scientifique

Letters / Correspondance

Odds 'n Ends / Pot-pourri

Stethos on steroids
Gordon I. Brock, MD

Reader Survey

Cover: from the mural "The Heart of the Pontiac"
Elke Bzdurreck-Benfey
10.7m x 1.8m
Acrylic on canvas on plywood boards
Mural is located in the Pontiac Community Hospital, Shawville, Que., and is reproduced here with the permission of the artist
© 1992 Elke Bzdurreck-Benfey

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