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Editorials * Éditoriaux

Challenges of confidence
Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD
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Les défis de la confiance
Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD
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President's message.  The elephant in the room
John Wootton, MD
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Message du président.  L'éléphant dans la pièce
John Wootton, MD
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Original articles * Articles originaux

Health views and metabolic syndrome in a Finnish rural community: a cross-sectional population study
Juhani Miettola, MD; Irma Nykanen, PhD; Esko Kumpusalo, MD
[full text]

Diagnostic approach to pulmonary embolism in a rural emergency department
Mike Ballantine, MD; Munsif Bhimani, MD; W. Ken Milne, MD
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The practitioner * Le praticien

The occasional vaginal delivery
Katherine J. Miller, MD
[full text]

Country cardiograms case 42
Charles Helm, MD
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Podium: Doctors Speak Out * La parole aux médecins

Specialist physicians for rural and remote populations in Canada
Specialist Steering Committee, Specialist Section of the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada
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Out Behind the Barn * Dans le feu de l'action

Secure my Mac? Yes!
Jesse Wootton, BBA
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Residents' Corner * Coin des résidents

Making useful links between inner-city and remote physicians
Kelly Anderson, MD; Meghan Daly, MD
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Above the Rockies #13

Watercolor on paper, 18" x 12" 
by Rene Thibault @ 2006 

"This Painting forms part of an ongoing series that presents dramatic aspects of the Canadian Rockies not commonly reflected upon."

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