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Fall 2014

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

Rural Aboriginal health
Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD
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La santé des Autochtones en milieu rural
Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD
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President's message.  Still competent?
John Soles, MD
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Message du président.  Toujours compétent?
John Soles, MD
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Original articles * Articles originaux

Understanding healthy pregnancies: the perspective of Inuit midwives in northwestern Quebec
Mary Ellen Macdonald, PhD; Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, BSc; Hannah Shenker, MD; Hope Weiler, PhD; Margaret Berry, MD; Atul Sharma, MD; Celia Rodd, MD
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Hospital admission for community-acquired pneumonia in a First Nations population
Justin Poling, MD; Len Kelly, MD; Christina Chan, MPH; David Fisman, MD; 
Marina Ulanova, MD

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Descriptive article * Article descriptif

From the community to the classroom: the Aboriginal health curriculum at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Kristen Jacklin, PhD; Roger Strasser, MBBS; Ian Peltier, BA
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The practitioner * Le praticien

Country cardiograms case 52
Inka Toman, MD;  Brent M. McGrath, MD
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The occasional greater occipital nerve block
Gordon Brock, MD
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Commentary * Commentaire

The evolving nature of narcotic use in northwestern Ontario
Jazmyn Balfour-Boehm; Sara Rea; Janet Gordon; Joe Dooley, MD;
Len Kelly, MD; Anne Robinson, MD

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Instructions for Authors

Career / Classified Advertising * Carrières et annonces classées

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Laurel, Four Abreast Acrylic on canvas, 14" × 18",  by Anda Kett  © 2010
“Laurel drives her Belgians 4 abreast at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show in Simcoe,  Ontario.”

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