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Editorials * Éditoriaux

Competency in rural practice
C. Stuart Johnston, MB ChB; Michael C. Klein, M.D;
Stuart Iglesias, MD; Granger Avery, MBBS

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Competences en pratique rurale
C. Stuart Johnston, MB ChB; Michael C. Klein, MD;
Stuart Iglesias, MD; Granger Avery, MBBS

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President's message.  Acta non verba
Braam de Klerk, MB ChB
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Message du président.  Acta non verba
Braam de Klerk, MB ChB
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Original articles * Articles originaux

The modified medical office assistant role in rural diabetes care
Faye D. MacKay, MD; J. Ellen Anderson, MD; Michael C. Klein, MD; Jonathan Berkowitz, PhD; Jacqueline T. MacKay, BSc; Julie Gailius, BSc
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The effect of clinical teaching on patient satisfaction in rural and community settings
Madelyn Law, PhD; Maren Hamiton, MD; Erica Bridge, BPH;  Allison Brown, BSc; Matthew Greenway, MD; Karl Stobbe, MD
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Oral health and access t o dental care: a qualitative exploration in rural Quebec
Elbam Emami, DDS; John Wootton, MD; Chantal Galarneau, DDS; Christophe Bedos, DDS
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The practitioner * Le praticien

The occasional pes anserinus bursitis injection
Gordon Brock, MD; Vydas Gurekas, MDCM
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Country cardiograms case 50
Charles Helm, MD
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Off call * Détente

Running the supermarket gauntlet
Donovan Gray, MD
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Service Information

Career / Classified Advertising * Carrières et annonces classées

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Forest Pattern # 5
Acrylic on canvas, 22" X 28", by Regina Seib, Associate  of the Federation of Canadian Artist's ©2011
www.reginaseib.com; www.reginaseib.ca
Forest Pattern# 5 depicts the ruggedness of old growth forest and the pattern it suggests within the landscape. 

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