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Fall 2017

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Editorials * Éditoriaux

Certificate of Added Competence for Enhanced Surgical Skills — it’s
about our privileges
Brian Geller, MD; Stuart Iglesias, MD; Stuart Johnston, MD
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Certificat de compétence additionnelle — compétences avancées en
chirurgie : des privilèges menacés
Brian Geller, MD; Stuart Iglesias, MD; Stuart Johnston, MD
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President's message.  A better world?
Tom Smith-Windsor, MD
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Message du président. Un monde meilleur?
Tom Smith-Windsor, MD
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Original articles * Articles originaux

Epidemiologic features of invasive group A Streptococcus infection in a
rural hospital: 6-year retrospective report and literature review
Kassandra Loewen; Natalie Bocking, MD; Cai-lei Matsumoto, MPH;
Mike Kirlew; Len Kelly, MD

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How underserviced rural communities approach physician
recruitment: changes following the opening of a socially accountable
medical school in northern Ontario
Oxana Mian, MA; John C. Hogenbirk, MSc; Wayne Warry, PhD; Roger P. Strasser, MBBS
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Impact of travel distance on access to treatment and survival in
patients with metastatic colorectal cancer prescribed bevacizumab
plus chemotherapy
Evan Payette, BSc; Sabuj Sarker, MSc; Haji Chalchal, MD
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The practitioner * Le praticien

The occasional cardiac tamponade
Taft Micks, MD; Kyle Sue, MD
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Necrotizing pancreatitis resulting in abdominal compartment syndrome: a case report from a remote northern hospital and literature review
Dominika Jegen, MD; Ren Ee Choo, MD
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Rural physician scholars: archetypes creating change
Wendy Graham, MD; Shabnam Asghari, MD; Patti McCarthy, MSc;
Thomas Heeley, MASP; Sarah Williams, BSc; Cheri Bethune, MD

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Change in scope of practice
David A. Rouselle, MD
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Career / Classified Advertising - Carrières et annonces classées

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